Set into the coastline of the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra is one of the most unique beaches that I have ever seen. While it is not uncommon for beaches along the Australian coastline to sweep in from the ocean into little channels, forming canals (or coastal creeks). What makes Caloundra so special is that the ocean seeps into a little waterway that feels very much like a lake. On a clear day, the water is beautiful shades of blues, turquoises, and greens.

You should be careful of the rips in the water — depending on if it is low tide or high tide at the time, the current is unforgiving and will pull you out towards the ocean or send you barrelling into the channel on the other side of the pass. This isn’t cause for serious alarm though, the water acts more like rapids than rips, and you generally just float really quickly in one of two directions…you will not be carried out to sea.

The water is not deep enough, even at high tide, to carry you out to the sea entirely. You often scrape along the banks of sand underneath you as you are carried along. If you’re willing to wade across the pass, you just have to be careful where you step, and be mindful if you have any bags that contain items that cannot get wet.

We have taken pool toys with us on multiple occasions and have spent hours riding the current until we had to go back home. We have also taken snorkelling gear with us before. While Caloundra is definitely a drive away from the city, it is most definitely worth it and is memorable.

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