Oceanside fairypools

Noosa, a little beach town along Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, has some of the clearest, most blue waters I have ever seen – and Australia is notorious for having beaches brimming with nothing but lovely, clear blue waters. The main beach is a short stretch of sand that sweeps into the sea. If you drive off to the right of the main beach, you will end up at a little car park that you can walk the headlands from. Something to be mindful of is that you might have to either get up early, or allow some time to drive around and wait for a vacant park — especially on Fridays or weekends. Noosa is a popular tourist spot, and for good reason, so treat it as such.

Once you find a park, you can begin the walk to the headlands off Noosa’s main beach. There are many stop offs along the way to the fairy pools, including an expansive beach that is all grey stones until it breaks into white sand beaches and clear, turquoise waters. Please keep in mind that all of the stop offs along the trail are far from the main beach, so the waters are rough — swim at your own risk.


Once you pass a few secluded beaches and drop offs, you will come to what looks like a cliff with a bench under a tree. If you wander over to the bench and look down, the pools will be there (if you go on a busy day it will be really obvious where you ought to veer off the trail, because there is usually a crowd near the bench). If you climb down, you will end up among grey stone towers, and, among them, you will find the infamous fairy pools.

If you have a snorkelling mask, you will be able to duck underwear and see numerous species of fish. If the tide is too high, you won’t be able to swim in the pools because the ocean will cover them, making them appear to be part of the ocean with rocky outcrops off the mainland. At low tide the waves from the ocean will roll over into the pools, occasionally sweeping fish into the pools as they break over the stone walls. The Noosa fairy pools are widely popular as they are increasingly becoming more famous on social media sites as featured destinations for tourists and locals alike.

We took snorkelling gear and lunch with us, and I would recommend taking both — and some water — with you if you would like to stay for a while. The walk to the pools is a little way, and then you have to climb off the side of the pathway down to the pools (be careful, for obvious reasons).



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