The first time moving across an ocean

Note: This post initially appeared first in December 2017. My partner and I have, in a way, been anchored in Brisbane for the past year because my final year of university has kept me from travelling or moving anywhere, near or far. To be fair, we have been more than happy to be in Brisbane, […]

Terra Nova…or, Cedar Creek Falls

While Cedar Creek Falls’ car park is always full, once you go down and then climb off the trail’s pathway, the falls cascades into smaller falls and the area is so expansive that it is easy to find a spot that has little to no people near you. This place is one of my favourite […]

Glistening gold in the countryside

This one is special because it is not actually a destination that can be travelled to unless you are part of the Australian downhill riding competitions, or the owners of this particular piece of land. Located in Ferny Glen, near the famous Killarney Glen heart-shaped waterfall, this property houses one of the most fun, well […]


Set into the coastline of the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra is one of the most unique beaches that I have ever seen. While it is not uncommon for beaches along the Australian coastline to sweep in from the ocean into little channels, forming canals (or coastal creeks). What makes Caloundra so special is that the ocean […]


Coolangatta beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Gold Coast in Australia. The photograph shown was taken on an abundantly clear day when the tide was relatively low. I have never seen the water so clear. The water is generally clear regardless of when you go, but I was standing in water […]

The kaleidoscopic Rainbow Beach

One of my best friend’s family has an apartment in Rainbow Beach. The first time that I went there was in senior year in high school, for schoolies (the Australian ‘Spring Break’). Since then, our friendship group has gone back many times for weekends away. Rainbow Beach is about three hours drive from Brisbane city, […]

Moonlight Crag

Australia has what sometimes feels like an abundance of national parks. Queensland has — arguably — the best of them. The Sunshine State is home to national parks that are so expansive that there are multiple entry points into them. Some of these entries take sometimes up to an hour or two to get from one point to the […]

The Natural Bridge

One of the most picturesque hikes around Brisbane is in Springbrook, off the Gold Coast hinterland. If you drive up into the mountains, you’ll take winding roads through farms and forests — the drive alone is worth the trip. If you’d like to, in the same day you can also go to another trail in Springbrook (Purling […]

Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island

Brisbane is a cool place to call home because there are a number of exciting trips that you can go on that only take a day. From hikes to water sports to adventures in the sky, Brisbane has an array of activities that are so expansive that you can just keep on experiencing new things. […]

The Magic of The Great Barrier Reef

I have wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef my entire life. It has literally been on every bucket list that I can ever remember making. This isn’t an overseas post, so it isn’t a “chapter” exactly…I go to a lot of amazing places, not all of which are for large portions of time, but […]