New Zealand Winter, Part 4: Cathedral Cove

Okay, onto the North Island. We only spent a week on the North Island as we were told by so many people that a week would be more than enough to see it all, and there was more to see on the South Island. We flew in to Auckland, picked up our rental Getz, and […]

New Zealand Winter, Part 3: Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo was the sixth stop on our South Island leg of the road trip. We left Wanaka — also insanely beautiful, like everything in NZ — and drove to the little town by the lake with the beautiful waterside church. We were tired, and we literally went 50km in the wrong direction from a petrol station and ended […]

New Zealand Winter, Part 2: Queenstown

Queenstown was three days into our trip and the first leg of the road trip that we stayed for more than one-two nights. We drove around both islands, and the trip totaled three weeks. The drive into Queenstown is still one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my life. Picture […]

New Zealand Winter, Part 1: Snowflakes on the Sound

Prior to moving overseas for three months at the beginning of this year, I had only been overseas once in my life. In late June — early July 2015, my best friend and I went to New Zealand for three weeks. We had initially planned to go island hopping in Hawaii, but we began planning literally four […]