These things are always a little awkward but here we go…down the rabbit hole. I’m Brittany and I am from Australia. I am really lucky to call Australia home, but I love to explore new places too.

I love to read and I am an avid lover of good stories and travelling which, I guess, is how this little venture began. I have always loved to create, read, and write. I have been writing and working on art since I was in school, and I am lucky that my family always encouraged myself and my brother to fiercely pursue what we loved. So I turned my love of writing into a potential career path and chose to study a BA in Media & Writing.

In early 2018, I completed my university degree and found myself in a transition between life as a full-time uni student and the unknown. My partner Josh brought up the concept of working remotely with me, and the idea just kind of stuck.

Over the next few months, we saved money, books flights to Southeast Asia and got travel insurance, sold some furniture – we kept the rest at my parents’ house (lucky, I know), and I quit my retail job with IKEA. In a phase of my life where I was in between having finished my degree and not having officially graduated, and I had finished my working life in retail and had not yet gotten my first job in the field I wanted to be a part of, I threw everything up in the air when we got on that first plane.

In a matter of weeks, I had gone from being a full-time uni student, working crazy hours, and being stuck in a chaotic cycle, to being a fresh university graduate, having no job, and having no address either. And I loved it. I was absolutely terrified, but Josh and I wanted something different and exciting. We wanted to go somewhere we had never gone before.


We spent three months living in Southeast Asia; six weeks in Da Nang, Vietnam and six weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before uprooting our entire lives to do this, I had only ever been overseas once in my life. I had always been an avid traveller and lover of all things that screamed adventure, but I had explored mostly Australia. This was new to me, and I got to experience it with my best friend.

I spent the first few weeks drinking cocktails on the beach, scootering around the Vietnamese coastline, and working on this blog. The other thing I was doing was searching for a job practically 24/7. I had money saved but I wanted to start my career. It felt impossible to accomplish – I had no idea where to even begin looking.

After about a month of applying on sites like Angel List, LinkedIn, and Remote.Co, I got my first job as a freelance writer. I still work with that same company (among balancing other jobs and personal projects) and I still love it. I am immensely lucky to have been given a chance at a genuinely fantastic company, and it also allows me to move around at my own will.

I am lucky enough that I now get the best of both worlds. The flexibility of my work means that I can take it anywhere in the world with me, which is very exciting and very fortunate. It is not lost on me how lucky I am to be able to do what I love while also travelling and seeing the world. To forge my career while simultaneously adventuring around the world is a dream come true, and I could not be happier or more grateful that this is my life.

The Global Chapters is a project that I initially launched in November 2017. I have since relaunched it here and am so excited to share all of the travel experiences I have had so far, and where I end up next, both with Josh and loved ones, and by myself.

Let’s do this!